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 Instructions for SAT test takers at the Unionville Academy test center


English Version


Test Center Closings: Regularly verify whether your test center remains open and unchanged, especially just before the test date.


Arrival Time: Arrive at the test center by 7:45 a.m. Entry is barred post 8 a.m. or once testing begins.


Required Materials: Bring all necessary items, as late or absent candidates must re-register and pay fees.


Testing Protocol: Testing starts between 8:30 and 9 a.m. Follow the proctor's instructions and stay within each test section's time limit; do not skip or return to sections.


Breaks: Expect one 10-minute and one 5-minute break, the only opportunity to eat, drink, and without accessing electronic devices.


Identification: Keep your ID and admission ticket on hand for room re-entry checks.


Dismissal: Tests generally conclude around noon.


Electronic Devices: Unauthorized device use, including during breaks, leads to immediate dismissal and score cancellation. Test staff may secure devices, and the College Board isn't liable for personal belongings.


Allowed Items

Valid ID and admission ticket

Pens and pencils


Calculator (specific models only)

Small bottles of water and snacks (for use during breaks only)

Not Allowed Items

All electronic devices (cell phones, watches, except for specified calculators)

Food and drinks (except during breaks)

Backpacks or large handbags

Any papers or books (not related to the test)







SAT考试Unionville Academy考场考生须知




考试中心关闭: 定期确认你的考试中心是否保持开放且未变更,特别是在考试日期前。


到达时间: 请在上午7:45前到达考试中心。上午8点或考试开始后禁止入场。


必需物品: 请携带所有必需物品,迟到或缺席的考生必须重新注册并支付费用。


考试程序: 考试在上午8:30至9点之间开始。遵循监考员的指示,并且在每个考试部分的时间限制内完成;不得跳过或返回已完成的部分。


休息时间: 有一个10分钟和一个5分钟的休息时间,这是吃东西、喝水且不使用电子设备的唯一机会。


身份识别: 保持你的身份证明和入场券,以便重新进入考场时检查。


离场: 考试通常在中午前结束。


电子设备: 未经授权使用的设备,包括休息时间内的使用,将导致立即被驱逐出场和考试成绩作废。考试工作人员可能会保管设备,而且College Board对个人物品不承担责任。




- 身份证明和入场券

- 笔和铅笔

- 橡皮擦

- 计算器(特定型号)

- 小瓶水和小吃(仅限休息时间使用)



- 所有电子设备(手机,手表,计算器以外的其他设备)

- 食品和饮料(非休息时间)

- 背包或大型手袋

- 任何纸张或书籍(非考试材料)

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