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Dear parents and dear students

Welcome to
Unionville Academy

For many years, the teaching team of Unionville Academy has been committed to providing students with a first-class education. Through a rich curriculum, we encourage students to develop comprehensively, help them explore the world actively, and inspire and achieve their dreams!

Our goal is to shape success, but it is not limited to academic achievement alone. Unionville Academy not only helps students gain admission to university but also lays a foundation for them in high school to shorten their adaptation time after entering university.

However, being admitted to a desirable University is not an easy task. It not only requires cooperation from parents but also requires the personal efforts of students. We should understand that learning knowledge is not just to enter University in the short term, but to understand how to apply what we learn in class.
Every graduating class carries the hard work of teachers, and the persistence and efforts of students are the best rewards for teachers. I am fortunate to have witnessed many students graduating from Unionville Academy and entering prestigious universities or their desired colleges. Teachers are also very pleased that all the efforts and hard work have paid off.

As the principal of Unionville Academy, I sincerely hope that every student can take responsibility for their own future. At the same time, on behalf of all school staff, I welcome students to enroll and study at our school. I also look forward to working with students, teaching staff, and parents to create a brilliant chapter for Unionville Academy!

Tiancheng(Johnson) Kuang


Our Mission, Purpose and Beliefs

Unionville Academy is a private school located in Toronto, Ontario that opened in February 2018. The school is regulated by the Ontario Ministry of Education and offers English-speaking classes, with ESL programs available for international students who need language assistance. The school's vision is to help students achieve their Ontario Secondary School Diploma and become career-ready critical thinkers. 

The mission is to assist students in achieving success academically and in the real world, with a focus on growth and development, unique teaching concepts, and caring for international students. The school values equity, fairness, lifelong learning, and mental health. The school has seen an increase in enrollment over the past four years, with 50 students currently enrolled, including online students from foreign countries.

The school's classroom instruction is a mix of traditional lecture formats, competency-based, on-site, and remote learning, with a focus on group work, independent work, and experimental instruction. Each teacher pre-plans a lesson plan and summarizes key points at the end of each lesson, answers any questions, and assigns homework or tasks for the upcoming day. Technology is integrated into instruction, with interactive instruction facilitated using Zoom's "breakout rooms" feature during the pandemic.

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