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Principle's Message


Unionville Academy is devoted to providing a high standard of education to all our students. We provide an enriched curriculum and a variety of exciting extracurricular activities in order to help with students' development.

It is our mission to help our students in achieving success, and not only academically. And our is not done once the students receive an admission offer from a university, but we will also help prepare them for their university life, to ensure a smooth transition.

However, it is not easy to be admitted to the ideal university, which not only needs the cooperation from parents, the individual efforts of students are even more important. We need to understand that learning is not only for getting into university in a short period of time, but to know-how to apply what we learned.

Every class of graduates carry with them the hard work of the teaching staff as well as their own persistency. I feel very fortunate to be able to witness our graduates as they go onto attend their universities of choice. The entire faculty is also glad to see the fruit of their hard labour.

As the principal of Unionville Academy, I sincerely hope each student can be responsible for their own future. At the same time, on behalf of the faculty, I welcome all students to enroll and study in our school. I am also looking forward to working with each student, faculty members and parents to create a brilliant chapter of Unionville Academy.

Leila Esmaili-Nazar


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