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Unionville Academy is a platform for your children to grow and develop. Opportunities are given to those who are prepared, and our unique teaching concept benefits our students in their continuing education and future career.

Our Students

At Unionville Academy, students are taught in an enriched manner, which focuses on the development of academic skills to prepare students for entry to post-secondary education in colleges and universities. Our graduates experience great success at leading universities in Canada and throughout the world.



It is our mission to see you become successful, but not just academically. Our goal does not stop at assisting you to receive offers from universities, it is to help prepare you for what is to come after you go to universities.

Our teachers

Our teacher's concerns are about students’ academics but we are also concerned about the students’ personality cultivation. Small class teaching will provide each student with adequate attention in class. Teachers and the school will provide the biggest support to achieve a common goal.

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