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Universities credit transfer policy may different.
For more details, please visit university website.


University of Toronto

The Faculty of Arts and Science (St. George), the Faculty of Architecture, Landscape, and Design, U of T Mississauga and U of T Scarborough will award transfer credit for a maximum of 3.0 full credits provided a grade of at least 4 is achieved in each AP exam.

Note that if you’ve completed more than one exam in the same discipline, only 1.0 full credit will be given for that particular subject area. (For example, if you have taken AP World History and AP European History, you will receive one HIS credit only.)

Transfer credits are assessed after you accept your offer of admission. You must arrange to have your final results sent directly from the College Board to Enrolment Services by the deadline indicated in your offer of admission. Results issued by your school are not acceptable.


York University

Up to 30 credits (5 full courses) may be granted for final scores of 4 or 5 on the College Entrance Examination Board Advanced Placement (AP) Exams, depending on program.


You could qualify for early conditional admission based on first semester final grades or mid-term grades for full-year     courses. Have your school fax these grades to the Office of Admissions (416-736-5741) as soon as possible. Official final year-end results must be sent to us as soon as they become available.


McMaster University

Applicants who have completed A.P. courses will be considered for admission to a Level I program. Applicants who have completed A.P. exams in acceptable courses with a minimum grade of 4 may be rec- ommended for up to 18 units of advanced credit. An official copy of the final A.P. Exam Results Report is required as part of the advanced credit evaluation process. Students who have completed the A.P. Examination as a challenge and have not taken the course at high school will not be considered as having completed the required prerequisite course for admission consideration.


University of Waterloo

fThe University of Waterloo recognizes AP (Advanced Placement) examination results and will consider awarding transfer credits for AP courses in which normally a minimum final grade of 4 is attained.

Official final AP results must be sent from the College Board directly to the Admissions Office at Waterloo before  transfer credit can be considered. Your final AP results must be received by August 3rd.

  • The maximum number of transfer credits considered varies depending on the program you're admitted to.

  • Transfer credits will normally be weighted as 0.5 units each (equivalent to 1 course at Waterloo).

  • The Advanced Placement (AP) Transfer Credit Chart for Business Administration (Laurier) and Computer Science (Waterloo) Double Degree and Business Administration (Laurier) and Mathematics (Waterloo) Double Degree lists the transfer credit equivalents for these programs.

  • The transfer credits you receive will be different if you change to a program that requires you to transfer from one faculty to another faculty. Please note that in such a situation, a faculty admissions committee reserves the right to refuse transfer credits.

You have the option to decline your transfer credits. Further details will be emailed to you in August, once your transfer credits have been assessed.

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